Upgrade/Expansion Package for AT-800/AT-900/AT-900C


ATUP-EX: Upgrade/Expansion Package for AT-800/AT-900/AT-900C

Expand Your MUSIC ATELIER with New Sounds, Styles, and Features

Expand Your MUSIC ATELIER with New Sounds, Styles, and Features

The head of the MUSIC ATELIER class gets a SuperNATURAL upgrade with the new ATUP-EX Expansion Package. Compatible with the AT-800 / AT-900 / AT-900C, the ATUP-EX kit adds ultra-realistic SuperNATURAL voices to the lineup of internal sounds, plus a high-quality pipe organ group from the Classic series. The upgrade also adds new onboard rhythms with enhanced drum sounds, expanded control features for the D-BEAM, volume-balance adjustment for each accompaniment part, new songs and styles, and much more.

  • Newly added SuperNATURAL voices
  • Refined and upgraded pipe organ voices from the Classic series
  • More functions for the D-BEAM controller
  • Additional rhythms and improved drum sounds
  • Music Assistant lets you play 50 additional standard titles
  • BMP File Export function with music-score support



Voice :63 voices (Including 21 SuperNATURAL Voices and 15 Pipe Organ Voices)

Rhythm :50 rhythms x 4 variations

Arranger Function :Accomp Part Balance, Drum Set Mode

Music Assistant :50 titles x 4 variations (AT-900, AT-900C) 45 titles x 4 variations (AT-800)

One Touch Program :50 rhythms x 2 groups x 4 variations

Quick Registration :6 settings

Effects :Organ voices: Overdrive

Registration :Function: Manual Button Assign

Composer :Audio Recording: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16-bit Linear Format)

Other : D-BEAM (function assignable), CD Writing, DigiScore BMP Export, MIDI Visual Control