Audio Processing Software


R-MIX TAB: Audio Processing Software


Innovative “Visual” Audio-Manipulation Software

R-MIX Tab is a simplified version of R-MIX that lets you visualize and control your music intuitively and instantly in real time. Unique V-Remastering technology (*1) provides real-time visual analysis of a stereo mix, including volume, frequencies, and stereo location. This makes it possible to see, hear, and perform audio-processing tasks that were difficult or impossible to achieve in the past, such as removing, extracting, and changing the volume of the individual instruments within a stereo mix.

*1 V-Remastering is proprietary Roland signal processing technology by which musical information such as level and panning is extracted from the audio signal for each frequency band, allowing total control of everything from the balance of the individual sounds to reconstructing the reverberation.

1. View the instruments or components of the music you import from your iPod library (*2) as color-coded clouds of energy and harmonic matter onscreen.

2. *2 DRM applied tunes cannot be imported.

3. You can lower the level and move the panning position of the selected instrument on the screen. You can use R-MIX to easily create "minus-one" type play-along tracks. You can also isolate a guitar sound, for example, and solo and slow down that phrase for study.

4. "Motion Function" lets you apply unique filtering effects to tracks using the iPad’s tilt sensor.

5. “Loop Function” lets you loop a designated section of the song over and over.

6. A powerful version for Win/Mac is also available. In addition to the function of R-MIX Tab, R-MIX lets you control pitch and playback speed, and apply effects to the individual instruments in a stereo mix. R-MIX also supports exporting WAV files.



Tracks: Stereo x 1

Internal Data Format: 44.1 kHz, stereo

Importable File Formats


For details, check the specifications of your iPad.

* Only files in WAV format or AIFF format can be imported from iTunes.

* Files with DRM (Digital Rights Management) cannot be imported.